Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Getting On With It

So many of you lovely friends felt more than happy to take me up on my offer to shout at me if I didn't get my bee quilt done I thought I had best just get on with it.

The top is pieced. Unfortunately the rainy day wasn't great for photos but you get the idea.

Bee blocks are interesting things. Not always the size requested, and occasionally Snow gets used instead of White (second from bottom row - Snow looks like white until it is up against a true white). But you always get a great mix of fabrics, most of which you don't have in your own stash, and you do make the best of friends by being in a bee. That far outweighs any negative. A huge thank you to all my Modern Stitching bee pals who provided the blocks for this quilt in the making.


Monday, 21 April 2014

About Time

Last year I was a member of The Modern Stitching Bee, which was a terrific group and the only reason I stepped out as a member was that I found three bees was too much for me. Certainly the group of ladies involved was brilliant. So I have no excuse for sitting and doing nothing with the blocks they made for me when my month occurred.

I asked for churn dash blocks in blues and purples. Today I made some more so that I now have 24 blocks and can piece the quilt top. I fully intend for this to be my quilt for Siblings Together this year. I have made one each year (and Helen made one last year too) so I would like the tradition of making for this charity to continue. If you want to learn more then go over and read all about it with Lynne; she says it so much better.

I am one step closer to making this quilt. I've even got wadding and backing in place already so I don't have to take one huge long pause again to actually get it done.

Quilts for Siblings Together

If this quilt disappears from my radar again could someone please shout at me and tell me to just get on with it, thanks.


Sunday, 20 April 2014


In my continuing - but very rare - burst of getting things done, today I tackled the freezer paper piecing project. Sunrise/Sunset.

My sewing day started with the cutting up of the rest of the pattern and some serious fabric trawling.

Then I sewed, and sewed some more. The decision to not do a traditional full roast lamb dinner for Easter provided me with umpteen more hours than I would have had. Woohoo!

Before the alternative dinner of Chinese crispy duck, pickled cucumber salad and assorted bits and pieces needed to be prepared I had the mini top done.

And I am freaking happy with it. There are things I would change if I did it again, but overall, for an impromptu experiment I think it worked well and it was fun to make. Despite the look of it, there are only two 'Y' seams in its entirety too. Bonus! I am now contemplating how to quilt it.

In other news today, the Easter bunny did stop by our house though I have yet to convince it that mums should receive chocolate too. I am going to do some serious damage in Tesco during the week if they have a sale on Lindt Easter chocolate. Just saying.

I also finally broke into my Aurifil cone that I ordered from Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting. I feel all grown up now, but the question of how actually to use it on my machine kept me thinking for a few moments until I decided to pop one of my regular Aurifil spools up the cones bum bottom and put it on the thread holder for the bobbin winder. Worked a treat. Thank goodness.

I hope everyone has been having a very happy Easter and that the torrential rain passed them by unless, like me, you wanted a good reason to stay in and sew.


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Gilding the Lily?

I woke up in a hand stitching sort of mood. The hand stitching I had in mind involved yesterday's project.

It was a fairly simple idea but no one was here to push my stop button, so I just kept on stitching, and stitching.

But even I knew to stop at this point. I am sure this will not appeal to many. It's a bit of gilding the lily, I suppose. On the other hand, it makes it more whimsical (in my  mind) and turns the teardrop into a balloon of sorts. Surely that's more cheerful?!

Either way, it was a pleasant way to spend the afternoon.